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Outdoor Sketching Trip

We had a good time on the Outdoor Sketching Trip at Main Street! In 3 time sections for different age groups, students have done lots of nice drawings and demonstrated that they have all learnt and improved in how to capture what they see in better proportions and detailing.


Portfolio News

Portfolio season is finally all over. Glad to hear that ALL senior portfolio students applying (for various majors in universities) this year were accepted to their applied majors and universities, and among them, Rachel Pun, Lian Sin, Jazlynn Chan got their offers on spot directly in their interview; and Kenneth Siu also got first round of acceptance among all candidates; junior portfolio students Emily was accepted in grade 9 art program.

Principal Helena Ng's designed and illustrated stamp series has been issued by Macau Post!

The stamp topic is “Classic Fables and Tales”for saluting the literature writers who wrote the legendary stories that teaches people of all ages about good lessons in life. Their writings are globally influential, and we all grow with them. The series include informational folder, souvenir sheet, first day cover envelopes, stamp spread and four stamps of legendary stories: Boy Who Cries Wolf, Red Riding Hood, Emperor’s New Clothes, The Happy Prince.

ART SHOW 2017-18

Beware Wet Paint Creative Annual Art Show 2017-18" was held on 2/25 at Toronto Chinese Cultural Centre, 2nd floor Art Exhibition Hall. All the creative work was done with the theme "A New Year. A New Hope!" We have raised $1000.00 for Sick Kids Foundations so far through student card sales and teachers' dog drawing booth orders!

Rachel Shen Award Winning in Animation Contest

Rachel Shen , group D student, won first prize of a local animation character design contest for high school students and was awarded a $5500 worth of learning opportunity in animation.

2018 December Christmas Card design award

There are over 130 design submitted for the 6 age groups (4-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 14+) in this contest. Many students did very nice with not just drawings, paintings, some did cool designs with pop-up, cut out shapes, creative fonts and special folding.