3 BWP Students Selected Within Final 5 in

Royal Canadian Mint National Coin Design Contest

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3 BWP Students in York Region are selected as National Finalists in the

Royal Canadian Mint Coin Design Competition!

In celebrating the 150th Anniversary of Canada, Royal Canadian Mint has held a National Coin Design competition since end of May inviting Canadian citizens of all ages to submit their designs which depict their hopes and wishes for Canada. After several official stages of judging, from filtering150 submissions in the 1st stage to 50 in the 2nd stage, 25 national finalists are selected in the 3rd stage from 10,000 entries from all over Canada. Among the 11 Ontario finalists selected, 3 of them belong to the youngest age (12 or under) category with the design theme "Our Future". They are all York region citizens learning art at Beware Wet Paint Art School located in Markham.

Encouraged by BWP in joining this contest, they decided to use their creativity to express their hope and wishes for their future homelands. As seen in the order of the designs in the photo, their creations depict their different wishes for Canada: Kelly Tsui 12 - The Colours of the Art in Canada - Let the Canadian diversities in art and cultures prosper and our unique styles of art beauty will become more well known around the world, Joelle Wong 8 - Birth of a Green Future - Protection of the Canadian Animals and together we build a Green future for them, Candace Wong 12 - A Mechanical Future - Canada will lead in the trend of high technology, but yet show a good balance between mechanics and its beautiful nature. Though they are from the youngest group, they all had put lots of effort in doing researches and sketching in the creative process to achieve the well-thought insights and composition at the end. To encourage these young designers, a lot of people voted for them at http://www.mint.ca/canada150

There are 4 other categories - Our Character, Our Wonder, Our Achievement and Our Passions for 13 years to any age. The design with the highest vote in each category will be winner. All 5 designs will be minted in 2017!

Voting period started from Sept 6th and ended on Oct 9th. Anyone can participate to vote for their favourite coin design as many times as they want within the period. Mint Canada announced that 1 million people have voted! We are proud of our students to have come this far!


加拿大皇家鑄幣廠為慶祝加拿大建國150週年舉行了"流通錢幣全國設計大賽", 作品由五月已開始從全國各大城市廣範徵集達10,000多份公民的創作。經過多重專業評審的篩選,從第一回合150位, 第二回合50位到現在第三回合, 終於為五個設計主題的組別選拔出最後共25名總決賽候選人, 由網上公眾投票選出加拿大人最喜愛的五款設計, 每組票數最高的設計將被鑄造成加國未來的流通錢幣!

25名總決賽候選人分別來自加拿大各省, 而11名安大略省入圍者中共有五位是華裔學生。其中三位均屬十二歲或以下組別, 她們成功以充滿創意的作品打入同一設計主題"Our Future 我們的未來"中成為最後五強!

三名少年均來自約克區。同於Beware Wet Paint Art School 智新美術學校中學習美術創作, 並由學校鼓勵參加此賽事, 以創作將自己對家園的未來希望與祝福表達出來。

她們的作品分別是Joelle wong 黃睿怡 8歲 - Birth of a Green Future - 提倡保護動物及綠化的環保意識與希望, Kelly Tsui 徐愷彤 12歲 - The Colours of Art in Canada - 帶出加拿大傳揚多元文化的藝術色彩到世界角落, Candace Wong 黃曉恩 12歲 - A Mechanical Future - 期望加拿大在科技上能帶領尖端, 同時保持着機械與大自然的平衡。雖然她們是最年幼的一組, 但各人的作品在構圖與圖案設計上也極具心思, 且信息相當有意義, 據說在創作過程中做了不少對加拿大的參考研究才完成最後作品, 實在值得加許。

大賽從九月六日起至十月九日, 將各位候選作品公開在網上供世界各地的人士投票, 每個主題最高票數的壹位優勝設計作品將被鑄造成未來加拿大紀念150週年紀念版的流通錢幣, 大會公布一共有超過一百萬人投票, 誠意感謝各位市民踴躍支持投選我們學生的作品, 我們為學生的成績感到驕傲!