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I like the summer camps because there're always surprises in each week's projects and I never get bored with them. I have lots of fun and got to learn all kinds of interesting crafts and all kinds of techniques in painting, watercolour, pastel, paper marché and many more….etc. I have been attending regular classes from 5 years old until now in this school because there are always different creative projects in different age groups.

Be creative, Beware Wet Paint! Happy Anniversary!
~Maggie Lam, current Group B regular class student / frequent attendants of Summer Camps
Over the years, I like the way that BWP's regular classes are creative and taught me lots of techniques that help me a lot in school projects.

I loved the ART camps! Thank you for all the awesome weeks. I liked the creative & fun projects we had to do! Thanks for all the food.
~Fiona Tung, current Group C regular class student / frequent attendants of Summer Camps
~Amy Tu, BWP student's mother and blog writer
Since the age of 5, Helena Ng has inspired and guided me to a prosperous future in pursuing art. I am eternally grateful for all the extra hours and hard work she has generously given me. This art school almost feels like a second home to me; a place where I am surrounded by people who share the same artistic passion as me. I am proud to say that out of the 1200 people who applied to Ryerson University’s architectural science program, I am one of the 120 people who have been accepted. I couldn’t have done it without Helena’s help in the creation of my portfolio. I gained insightful tips and advice from other teachers who have attended similar universities such as Chris and Viola. For the past 12 years of my life, Beware of Wet Paint Progressive Art School has prepared me for the next educational journey that I will embark upon. Thank you!
~Eva Huang, revious portfolio student/got into both Architectural & Interior Design Program in Ryerson University