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Website Support

Students artwork and latest news about art activities and events will be posted onto web pages & online social network like facebook to encourage exposure and art sharing.

Qualified Teachers

Graduates with honour from renowned institutes from United States and Canada. Being professional artists and designers, we are experienced educators who consistently design, exhibit and receive recognition in the creative industry both locally and internationally.

Fully Equipped

We have a huge, secure and clean studio with plenty of book references and an astounding amount of art supplies.

Inspirational Activities

Students participate in regular
in-house competitions and local
or international art events
to inspire improvement.


"Beware Wet Paint" offers 4 major art courses (A-D) based on a student's age. In special cases, we may move a young artist from one course to another based solely on their exceptional artistic ability. Class size is limited to a ratio of a maximum of 1:8. Our language medium will be bilingual: English and Chinese. Each class is 90 minutes. ( More details on our courses and teaching methods will be presented prior to application.)

Class Schedule

Tuition Fees


I have been attending Beware Wet Paint since I was 6. And I still keeps attending every week since then because I can learn and get improved in lots of creative arts and techniques, and also, the teachers are always very helpful, friendly and caring as well.
~Jonathan Kwan, current Group D & Portfolio student
Joining Helena’s summer camp was a great experience for me because I was able to learn many things in a short amount of time. There were so many different projects to do and they were all lots of fun. The thing I loved most about the summer camp was that it taught me how to quickly generate ideas since we had new projects almost every day. Having so many projects at once also allowed me to experiment with many different mediums, some of which I already knew how to use and some which were completely new to me. Although the summer camp was only one week, I was able to learn so many valuable art and design skills from it. I’m very glad I decided to join this camp.
~Cassandra Poon , Joined BWP’s summer camp - Art booster for building portfolio
Beware Wet Paint has always pushed me to think of multiple ideas before taking on a project.  At first it was, and still is, challenging and difficult, but in many ways it has prepared me not only for university but also becoming a better artist.
~Joshua Chan, previous portfolio student/got into Illustration & Graphic Design Programs in university
Thanks so much for spending so much time to help me finish my Arts Unionville portfolio and helping me buy a lot of the materials, I probably wouldn’t have made it without you. You’re the best teacher ever, Helena!
~Michelle Lai, BWP student/got into Art Program for grade 8
~Amy Tu, BWP student's mother and blog writer
Helena was a one of the biggest factors in me being accepted into Ryerson University's Interior Design program. Since day one, she had helped me with the design and composition for my drawings, learning about different colour combinations, and numerous other useful techniques that would come in handy as a designer. I have always been a person who takes a very long time to finish any of my artworks, but Helena had always been very generous in being able to find time to help me finish. I remember for the Christmas creative painting, it took me some time to finalize a good design and I had to go to class almost every day to be able to meet the deadline for the painting. It had been a very joyful experience and I would miss going to art class and all the wonderful people I had met there.
~Chen Xi, previous portfolio student/got into Interior Design Program in university