Canada's 150th Anniversary Street Banner contest

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BWP Art News - Our Street Banner Winning Design Being Displayed at Yonge St!

Congratulations to our students - Chloe Tsui, Jodi Hui, Elizabeth and Victoria Wu who were selected as winner of the Richmond Hill Street Banner Design Contest! For celebrating Canada 150, the contest's theme is to demonstrate Canada's "Past, Present and Future." This contest and event is funded by the Government of Canada. Their artwork are now displayed on street banners along Yonge Street in Richmond Hill! See below their photos taken with own banners on the street.

That is encouraging that 4 out of our 8 submitted artwork were selected by the judges. Though the other 4 students didn't make it, I would like to share with you their interesting work, too.

本校四位學生(Chloe Tsui, Elizabeth Wu, Victoria Wu, Jodi Hui)贏得慶祝加拿大150周年"過去現在未來"的烈志文市燈柱橫額設計比賽, 作品已在Yonge street 的街燈上展示繽紛色彩!!以下是她們的優勝横額及其他四位本校亦参與了比賽的學生作品。