Science without Borders Challenge Winners
(International Painting Contest)

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In the 2015 International Youth Painting Competition – Science without Borders® Challenge: “Coral Reef Relationships.”, out of all the submissions, the judges have voted and Rachel Shen (13) 's "Preserve to Survive the Struggles" art piece was selected as the grand prize winner (1st Place) and and Jonathan Xu (12) 's "The Precious Ocean Jewels" as 2nd Place for the middle school category. BWP's students - Natasha Chen (12) 's "Coral Reef Struggles" and Caroline Mo (13) 's "The Throne of Protection" are both selected as finalists. Congratulations! 

The Challenge is an international art competition held by Khaled Bin Living Oceans Foundation in United States that inspires students to be creative while raising awareness of important ocean conservation issues. There were submissions from 17 countries including United States, Canada, Korea, Philippines, United Kingdom, Hungary, India, Kenya, New Zealand, and Pakistan...etc. BWP submitted 11 entries and we are pleased that we are able to get the top 2 awards and 2 finalists at the end.

You may see the contest details and all the announced world winners' work from this link:
It is inspiring that the Foundation especially brought to us some great compliments that our school had very talented students and they are all very impressed with the nice painting entries submitted from our school. All entering students should be very proud of the creative artwork and they can challenge in a high standard and very competitive event. Students submitted artwork that portrayed relationships between coral reef species such as the symbiotic relationship between clownfish and anemones, while others focused on the relationship people have with the reef.

Winners and submitted Students from BWP:
Grand Prize Winner (1st Place) - Rachel Shen (13, grade 8) - Preserve to Survive the Struggles
2nd Place Winner - Jonathan Xu (12, grade 7) - The Precious Ocean Jewels
Finalist - Natasha Chen (12, grade 7) - Preserve to Survive the Struggles
Finalist - Caroline Mo(13, grade 8) - The Precious Ocean Jewels

Toni Zeng (11, grade 5) - Tangled
Victoria Nip (12, grade 7) - Your Options to Paradise or Darkness?
Roslyn Nip (12, grade 8) - Preserve to Survive the Struggles
Tiffany Leong (11, grade 6) - Ocean Globe
Christina Liang (13, grade 7) - Amazing Bubbles of Corals
Chloe Yip (14, grade 5) - Making Friends with Coral Reefs
Kenneth Siu(12, grade 7) - The Precious Ocean Jewels

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