United Nation International Children Contest 2011 (Global Round)

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United Nation International Children Contest 2011 - "Life in the Forests" Great achievements from BWP students: with Best of Toronto, 2nd place in the North America region; and 23 out of the 50 finalists in the North America Regional Round. There were 2000 entries just in the North America Region. More than 600,000 age 6 - 14 kids from all over the world joining this year and just China has over 3.4 million children participated.

In the Global Round judged in Poland this September, we are happy to announce that BWP have 5 winners among the global winners' list:

Fiona Tung - 3rd Place
Cissy Yao - 4th Place
Michelle Lai - 4th Place
Caroline Mo - 5th Place
Michelle Yan - 5th Place