United Nation International Children Contest 2011
(North America Region)

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Congratulations to the great achievement of BWP students being the 3 TOP WINNERS and 12 FINALISTS (to compete with the other regions' winners in the global round), selected among the 2000 entries of the North America Region in the 20th United Nations International Children Painting Contest - "Life in the Forests". This year, there were more than 600,000 age 6 - 14 kids from all over the world joining this yearand in China, over 3.4 million children participated the same theme of contest as well. In the regional contest, BWP got Distinctions and Best of Toronto, also 2nd place in the North America region; and 23 out of the 50 finalists are from our school. While in the global final round, 5 students for into the top awards and 5 out of the 7 Canadian winners are all from BWP.

Cissy Yao - North American Second Place Winner
Samson Chow - Toronto's Best Winner for Age 6 - 9
Jonathan Kwan
- Toronto's Best Honorable Mention Winner
* 23 out of 50 finalists are from BWP