Canada Day Challenge National Winner Two Years in A Roll!

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Fiona Tung, who learnt art from 6 till 18 yrs old in BWP, was announced to have won the National Winner of the Canada Day Challenge this year. We have won two years in a roll!

After last year's winning with Rachel Shen from our school, Fiona participated in this year's theme - "Celebrate Your Future" and got the top and only award in the painting contest. This competition is very challenging. It has NO 2nd or 3rd places but just one top winner. Over 350,000 participants from across Canada have taken up the Challenge since 1987. It is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, along with Canada’s 150th anniversary! So it is particularly meaningful for Fiona to have won this!

Also want to mention that two other students, Roslyn and Victoria Nip have also participated with very symbolic and detailed paintings. They still felt proud of themselves that they had challenged something difficult and had learnt a lot of skill and timing in the process. They believe that having improved much more in their vision and expectation to the next level is more important! That is really good learning spirit and faith!

News media from different media: To learn more about Fiona and her concept, please see her beautiful painting and the new releases by the Minister of Canadian Heritage: 

"加拿大國慶日" 繪畫比賽全國冠軍

自六歲起已在智新學習美術的18歳Group D 學生Fiona Tung 董亦婷, 得了加拿大立國150週年慶典繪畫創作"加拿大國慶日" 繪畫比賽全國冠軍, 本校繼去年Rachel Shen首次得了冠軍, 今年Fiona的優秀作品令本校連續兩年得此殊榮, 令人感到鼓舞!

這比賽非常有挑戰性, 每年只有一個冠軍, 沒有亞軍及季軍, 大會由1978年至今已收到過350,000份以上的全國參賽作品, 今年更適逢慶祝加拿大150週年及此比賽賽事剛是30週年, 能贏得賽事意義更重大! 政府文化部昨日才剛發新聞稿, 星島日報及新時代也分別來智新跟Fiona及我做了專訪,其中星島更非常詳盡有近半版的篇幅報導此消息, 可按以下報導連結分享! 

即將12年班畢業的董亦婷自幼學習繪畫,今次參加150週年國慶繪畫比賽奪得全國冠軍,其作品內容豐富、層次分明,包括鬱金香,一條飄帶組成150的字 樣,有因努伊特人形石堆、圖騰柱和鐵路象徵加拿大的歷史與發展,太空人代表未來高科技,尼亞加拉瀑布、洛磯山脈、國會山莊、CN塔等代表全國各地的不同風 貌。董亦婷本月27日將與父母於到渥太華參觀國會、博物館和歷史古蹟,並出席在國會山莊舉行的加拿大日官式慶典.她的作品目前擺放在加拿大歷史博物館直到 9月底.她目前已被多倫多大學生命科學專業錄取。 值得一提的是, 除了Fiona外,還有兩名只有剛15歲的Roslyn及Victoria Nip, 她們亦畫出非常細緻及有意思的作品參加, 她們也覺得雖然沒有勝出但也感到驕傲及值得。因為她們自己在過程中接受了挑戰及難度, 亦覺得自己很多繪畫技巧和程度在比賽中得以更加提升。我聽了也非常開心和安慰, 這真是很好的學習精神及信念!

News media from different media: 政府發放Fiona 董亦婷的專題新聞稿: