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In the Art of Hope Drawing Contest, we are so glad that our school has swept through the whole junior section of the contest. Our students won the 1st, 2nd, 3rd prizes and merit awards. Below are the pictures of the fundraising dinner and award ceremony. All winning pictures would be exhibited oversea in the future.

Veronica Chan - 1st prize
Cissy Yao - 2nd prize
Michelle Lai - 3rd prize
Joyce Lam and Lucy Chow - Merit awards

After attending the dinner, we learnt much more about how many Aids-affected orphans Chi Heng organization has helped in China through these years. They help them to start new lives with art therapies, living and education up to college level. But there are still so much sad stories going-on and increasing needs for these children. They need love and support from us to live on normally. We are glad that we had joined this contest because it is very meaningful and our drawings help in spreading the love messages to the public in knowing the need for the aids-affected orphans and their families.