Dx Contest 2016

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THE ANNUAL SEARS DX CANADIAN HIGH SCHOOL DESIGN COMPETITION 2015-16 has been announced. Students from Beware Wet Paint received two 1st and two 2nd Place Awards in Architectural/Interior, Industrial, Costume Design. On June 20th, they were all awarded in the award ceremony held in Design Exchange Museum in downtown Toronto. They received certificates, monetary awards and the experience of learning workshops in Sears/DX and meeting with design professionals in the market.

Rachel Pun - Architectural/Interior Design Junior Level - 1st Place
(Super Food - Food Truck Design)
Kenneth Siu - Industrial Design Junior Level - 1st Place
(Glow Cube - Desktop Accessories Design)
Michelle Lai - Architectural/Interior Design Senior Level - 2nd Place
(The Grub - Food Truck Design)
Caroline Mo - Costume Design Junior Level - 2nd Place
(Macbeth - The Three Witches)

This is an annual inter-high school contest across Canada. An average of over 800 participants from British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario..….etc will demonstrate their talents, creativity, research planning in the design process of the above mentioned 3 categories plus also Graphic and Fashion Design categories.

We have 9 students submitted in the THE ANNUAL SEARS DX CANADIAN HIGH SCHOOL DESIGN COMPETITION 2015-16. Though 4 of them got top awards but not the other 5 students, we think they all did very nice and unique concepts with lots of heart and effort. Some pieces really impressed me with the final outcome as they are professional-looking and exceptional to have been created this standard in their young age.

Attached are just small preview of some photos taken, to see the complete album with full size and all pics, please click the facebook links below:
*** Links to see album in AWARD CEREMONY:

*** Links to see all the SUBMITTED WORK of the 9 students:

I think it is such a great learning experience for our BWP youth to explore their field of interests and learn how to apply creative art into design. I am glad that through the preparation of this contest panels, students are taught to set up the goal of achieving professionalism in both hand-drawing, digital drawing and design presentation in their early stage. See the next post sharing their creative submissions!

Congratulations to both the 4 winners and 5 submitted students, as I think you all already received the greatest rewards which is the learning experience. Here I share to you their creative submissions.