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Thank you for everyone's voting in the last few weeks for our two students, Fiona and Kelly who came into semi-final for Ontario. The Google4Doodle Canada national logo redesign contest was announced today! They didn't make it to the national winner. But I am sure the excitement and learning experiences from creative art to interviews have been so valuable for them!

Today (Feb 25th), all national finalists from different regions of Canada, including Fiona and Kelly Tsui, many guests and media, were all gathered to attend the award ceremony and to hear the final result in Royal Ontario Museum. Each 5 regional finalists from the 5 main regions of Canada were honoured with awards while Cindy Tang from Ontario was announced to be the national winner and 1 national finalist from each of the 4 other regions (BC, Quebec, Atlantic, Prairies) was announced.

Ontario Premier, Kathleen Wynne was one of the guests in the award ceremony. Chris Hadfield, the astronaut, who was one of the guest judges in round 2, gave everyone the words of encouragement.

Thank you again for your voting and support! All their creative work including the first round i.e. 73 art pieces will be displayed to the public till Apr 27th. Every work, no matter all ages, are so fun and creative. Applause to all of them and we are proud of you, Fiona, Kelly and Cissy!