Cup Glory Youth Painting Competition

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"Cup Glory” Youth Painting Competition is an annual art contest originated in Beijing, China for over 10 years and Toronto contest in its 2nd annual this year. This Toronto competition is organized by North America Junior Arts and Culture, National Youth Children's Arts And Cultural Activities Selection Committee. The event is supported by the Chinese Consulate General in Toronto, Cultural Consulate, Senator of Markham sixth electoral district, Senator of Toronto, Canadian enterprises, famous Canadian painters, artists and Canadian Media.

The main theme of this year's competition is titled by "Friendship, Dream, Green Environment". There are about 1000 entries this year from around Canada and United States and over 100 entries are awarded. We are glad that all our entering students are awarded and we got 2 top Art Star Winners, Catherine Cheung and Tiffany Chiu who were awarded an Apple Shuffle as well for encouragement. The award ceremony was held on June 15th morning at Markham Civic Centre. Markham's Vise Mayor Mr. Jack Heath, Toronto Councillor and Chinese Consulate and many more were invited to the ceremony.

In the afternoon, those winners who are willing to donate their paintings for charity sale are presented at Tridel Presentation Centre at Queen Quay East. All sales will be donated to "Under Banyan Tree" Special Care Centre.

2 Art Stars out of the final 12:
15-18 - Catherine Cheung and Tiffany Chiu from the senior group
3 Best Work:
7-10 - Emily Xu, Rebecca Wang
4-6 - Olivia Zhen
13 Best Creative:
15-18 - Michelle Lai, Jonathan Kwan
11-14 - Maxwell Fong, Fiona Tung, Rachel Shen, Jazlynn Chan, Caroline Mo, Roslyn Nip
7-10 - Tiffany Huang, Sabrina So, Livia Yuet
4-6 - Daniel Ding, Errita Xu
10 Distinctions:
11-14 - Victoria Nip, Karisa Yuet
7-10 - Tiffany Leong, Emily Huang, Ashlie Koo, Maggie Lam, Euodia Hsien, Junbin Cheng, Cameron Cheung, Kenny Huang