2014 China Panda Cup Student Painting Competition "中国熊猫杯學生書畫比赛

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Emily Xu was awarded as one of the winners in the 2014 China Panda Cup Student Painting Competition "中国熊猫杯學生書畫比赛" Award Ceremony.

We are glad that Emily Xu, 9 years old was announced to be one of the winners in the "2014 China Panda Cup" Student Painting Competition in the junior group. Award ceremony was taken place in a banquet hall on Nov 30th. The Chinese General Consulate, news media, judges and all winning students' families and guests were invited to the ceremony and lunch event.
The theme of the picture is about "Love For Your Homeland". During the interview, , Emily has expressed that as a Canadian grown-up Chinese girl, her love for both Canada and China which she has visited when she was very little, by using a tree combining of Maple Tree Leaves and Chinese Cherry Blossom Flowers to separate beautiful sceneries of China and Canada. She has spent lots of heart and effort in this Acrylic paintings (23" x 17"). Very pretty work for her age.

See more details about the contest ceremony in our FB link! Also a news media has interviewed Emily and Principal Helena that day. Click to the news article which reported about it.