Proud of our youngest Coin Designer
in Canadian Minting History

Joelle Wong - Canada's 150th Anniversary 25 cent Coin Design Winner

國慶150週年流通硬幣設計賽 - Joelle Wong獲25分硬幣冠軍

Joelle Wong is unveiled as a final coin winner of Canada 150th Anniversary Coin Design Contest! She is the youngest coin design ever in Canada with her coin minted into 25 cent coins in Spring 2017.

After our school's 3 students (Joelle Wong, Kelly Tsui and Candace Wong) were all successfully selected last year from 10,000 submissions by notable judges and Royal Canadian Mint as finalists for national votes, Joelle is announced on Nov 2nd as the final and youngest winner ever in Canadian minting history! Out of more than 1 million votes, her coin design got the most popular votes in the "Future Canada" category. Along with 4 other winning designs in older groups from different parts of Canada, her coin design is minted as one of the 5 coins for circulating from spring 2017! That means every Canadian and world visitors can use this 25 cent change in their pockets!

It was an exciting the launching day for Joelle. Started with interview and film capturing by the Mint's Film Crew. Then followed with launching ceremony in which Deputy Mayor of Richmond Hill presented her achievement certificate, President/CEO of Royal Canadian Mint awarded her the 2017 circulation coin set with her own design and CAD$2000.00, and of course priceless memories of cheers from school and everyone! Big congrats!

Joelle Wong獲"國慶150週年流通硬幣設計賽"25分硬幣冠軍

恭喜!!! 本校學生三人去年從10,000份加拿大慶150週年的錢幣圖案設計比賽參賽作品中成為候選並進入全國性投票, 超過一百萬人投票, 今天揭曉Joelle Wong (9)的設計被選為"My Future Canada"組別優勝者, 明年春天加拿大皇家鑄幣廠發行成加拿大流通貨幣! 大家要特別欣賞明天的$25分硬幣了!

今次比賽分5大組別﹐分別是加拿大的「特色」、「奇妙」、「成就」、「激情」和「未來」。共中只有「未來」一組是12歲或以下參加。黃睿怡Joelle Wong, 參賽時8歲﹐作品名稱為綠色未來的誕生。在超過一百萬人的投票下, 脫穎而出,由烈治文市長及皇室鑄幣廠主席揭曉成為該組最多票數作品及加拿大歷來最年輕的錢幣設計師。

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