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Thanks for your hard work and support to help Jonathan to have such great learning and achievement in the United Nations international contest. A very good experience for him.
~May & Joe, Jonathan Kwan's parents/Jonathan, current BWP student got into top awards
Thank you for your patience and time for helping me prepare my portfolio. I would not have been accepted if it wasn’t for your help.
~Eve Wong, previous portfolio student/got into Illustration program in university
Beware Wet Paint helped me find what I was interested in. Helena helped me find competitions that were in the field that I was interested in. After having done competitions for BWP it allowed me to realize that I had more interests in the field of architecture. Helena and her team are very friendly and knowledgeable when you ask for help, they are always around with lots of energy to help out. Being surrounded with many creative minds allowed me to push further in creating and designing ideas. Ultimately the work that I had done and worked on during my time at BWP I was able to use in my portfolio, allowing me to get in to the university that I wanted to.
~Kenneth Siu , Second Year University of Waterloo Architecture Student
Since the age of 5, Helena Ng has inspired and guided me to a prosperous future in pursuing art. I am eternally grateful for all the extra hours and hard work she has generously given me. This art school almost feels like a second home to me; a place where I am surrounded by people who share the same artistic passion as me. I am proud to say that out of the 1200 people who applied to Ryerson University’s architectural science program, I am one of the 120 people who have been accepted. I couldn’t have done it without Helena’s help in the creation of my portfolio. I gained insightful tips and advice from other teachers who have attended similar universities such as Chris and Viola. For the past 12 years of my life, Beware of Wet Paint Progressive Art School has prepared me for the next educational journey that I will embark upon. Thank you!
~Eva Huang, Previous portfolio student/got into both Architectural & Interior Design Program in Ryerson University
Under your guidance I have not only improved on my techniques, but I’ve also learned to think conceptually. These things I got you do not being to express my gratitude to you. Without your unwaverly support, patience and pride for your student’s work, I would have never gotten this far in the arts. And for that I say thank you.
~Jasmine Leung, previous portfolio student/got into Graphic Design program in university
The summer camp for Beware Wet Paint was a great experience. I learnt many art techniques there, however, that wasn't the best part about it. The best part for me was meeting new people and making new friends. It was also great because the teachers and assistant teachers were very helpful and could easily relate to you. All the activities were very fun and weren't very serious so we could still have lots of fun while accomplishing and learning things. I would most definitely go to this again.
~Sean Gao, current regular class student who always join our summer camps as well
Congratulation!!! Though Boris no longer can make the time to learn in your school, we could see the result of your on-going enthuisiam and inspiration on the students under your guidance. Keep up! It really is a blessing for a person to have both interest and career blossomed at the right time of your life. We are lucky and proud to have such a good art school in Toronto.
~Lilian, Boris's mom/Boris, previous BWP student
好棒的老師和學校,那些畫和作品都充滿童趣和創意。非常喜歡這裏,感覺這裏才象個做藝術的地方。安靜的畫畫,每個孩子都畫自己獨一無二的畫。 學校鼓勵孩子自由的創作,用多點時間在一張畫上。寧可精些,不看量大。畫 100 張平庸之作,不如用心用時間好好畫好一張。在不斷的修改中,孩子也學會了什麼都要精益求精的品德。
~Amy Tu, BWP student's mother and blog writer