LOVE Brings Hope
These paintings are originally created by Beware Wet Paint Progressive Art School students for submission to "The Art of Hope" Drawing Contest held by Friends of Chi Heng Foundation, Canada ( for promoting the need of support such as education, homes and cares for the Aids affected orphans in China. You may visit their site to learn more. Now, we hope that the good messages of these paintings would also warm your heart and inspire you to take actions today to make more donations to the Szechuan people and all those children who are in need now in China.
Visit or now to make donations for the affected ones in the disasters.
“Love your neighbour as we love ourselves...”as taught in Bible.
The world will be filled with hope and a better place when there is LOVE in it.
Human becomes so weak when facing the unpredictable natural disasters. We just can't control what would happen in the next minutes. While we are all feeling sad and overwhelmed with the recent disasters... one after another, from Burma's typhoon to the earthquakes in Szechuan, China, let's face the happenings positively. Love can bring hope and smiles again. Take actions by making donations now. Cherish LIFE and show our LOVE to one another.
Here brings to you a slideshow of paintings created by our art students on The Message of Love and Hope. They all show their thoughtfulness and love for those in need. Hopefully it would help you see the wonderful world, too in children's eyes! (Play below to see it.)
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