The Cross Canada Christmas Card Competition organised by the Pierre Belvédère Group was announced in early March.
Five out of the six final winners are from our school:
Cissy Yao (7), Xinrui Yao (11), Viola Kwok (10), Mary Wong (12), Yolander Lam (9).

This contest, also known as “Your drawing could become a Christmas card” was held in early January 04 with the Christmas themes related to Love, Family and Friendship. It's a open-for-public competition across major Canadian cities: Vancouver, Toronto and Ontario area; Montreal, Quebec City and South Shore in Quebec Province. This contest was a great success all across Canada. Many people responded. The result will be further announced in the organizer's website, and francise papery stores throughout Canada.

Selected by the Jury, the selected drawings will be reproduced in the form of Christmas cards. These cards, which will be integrated in the 2004 Canadian Artists Collection, will be sold across Canada in the Fall 2004. For each box sold a donation equal to 10% of the retail price will be given to the M.I.L.K. Foundation Canada. PB Group will also donate $100 to the Foundation for each winning drawing published. M.I.L.K. Foundation which encourages the spreading of values that celebrate humanity. The funds that it receives serve to help support humanitarian and charitable organizations that work towards the protection of life and human dignity across Canada. As well as having the winners' cards reproduced, the winning children will receive a $200 value art set from Pierre Belvédère.

Please click on the images to view the enlarged version
and email them with greetings to your friends or families.

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Group B Xinrui Yao- 11 yrs old    Group B Viola Kwok - 10 yrs old
Group B Yolander Lam - 9 yrs old   Group B Mary Wong - 12 yrs old
Group A Cissy Yao - 7 yrs old