Our school are moved to the new location starting from September 2nd, 2006. Our new address is 505 Hood Rd, unit 16. The new environment will definitely provide us with more space and a better environment for students’ learning.
We are so thankful that lots of old and existing students have come to visit us on our Grand Opening day. See pictures that we took that day!
New location. New Look.
Front entrance
Close up of signage
You are welcome
Notice board
Our school is facing
Warden avenue
Lots of students’ work were displayed that day
Main classroom area
Guests on the Grand Opening day
Teacher Helena &
Amanda, a very talented student
Painting on wooden flower pots
All rooms have big glass window
Outside the teacher’s gallery room
Teachers’ work are displayed in this room
A quiet room for Group D and special class.
A resting and waiting area
Painting decoration in washroom
Stencils on wall
Kitchenette area
Some parents are found to be Wilson’s high school classmates
We thank so much for the students and parents’ support!
Teacher Helena in front of another classroom
Paints and shelf unit for students to use
Old student who have already entered university
We are so happy to see our old friends and students who studied here and supported us since day 1.
storage area for art material
Office room
Presents from friends and parents
Thanks for coming...
and now...
we are open for new enrolment! : )