Canada International

Children’s Art Festival


The Canada International Children’s Art Festival is an annual event for young artists from ages 4-17. This year was a special year because it is the 10th anniversary of this art festival. Twenty-one of our students have participated in this exhibition, along with hundreds more from Canada and Asia. All paintings and drawings were shown in the exhibition held at the City Hall in downtown Toronto. With limited time, our students have completed some outstanding and thoughtful drawings. In the exhibition event, the organizer selected some entries, instructors and art school to be awarded with prizes and honours. Beware Wet Paint is awarded as one of the "Best School Team" and Helena, our school principal, with the "Best Instructor" award. 

Congratulations to the winning list:

 (15-17) Distinctions:

Jasmine Leung   

(11-14) Third Prize: 

Gabriel Wong

(11-14) Distinctions: 

Aaron Hong  

Jonathan Kwan  

Vanessa Shih 

Michelle Lai 

Marisa Tsang

Young Participants’ Award:

Errita Xu, 5

Best School Team:

Beware Wet Paint

Best Instructor:

Helena Ng